The Art of Michael Pape - Erich your life with the beauty and significance of animals.

Enrich Your Life with the Beauty & Significance of Animals.

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The Bateman Foundation: Connect in Nature, Inspire Our World. Robert Bateman’s realistic and evocative painting style reflects his deep understanding and appreciation for Nature, featuring Wildlife in its Natural Habitat and encouraging the viewer to closely observe the particularity within our Natural World. One of Canada’s most renowned artists he is also recognized by the Audubon Society’s one of the 20 century’s “100 Champions of Conservation”. He is a spokesman for many Environmental and Preservation issues, using his Art to raise millions of dollars for these causes.

This Legacy Project calendar features three generations of internationally renowned realist Wildlife Painters and Conservationists who, together, serve to carry forward an important message strengthening our connection with the Natural World. The Bateman Foundation was founded to inspire a lasting relationship with Nature through Art and to promote the Preservation and Sustainability of the Environment.

This 2024 Gallery of Nature, Fundraiser Calendar Project serves to help YOU celebrate and honour your love of Animals and the Natural World, through the ongoing work of the Bateman Foundation.

$29.99 CAD

2024 Bateman Foundation, Gallery of Nature, Fundraiser Calendar.


I know you want to Influence change and herald the beauty and significance of Animals plus the Natural World for generations to come. Now you can with your contribution of just $29.99 CAD.

It's a privilege to collaborate with The Robert Bateman Foundation 2024 Gallery of Nature, Fundraiser Calendar Project, to serve you and your loved ones in the greater mission of the preservation of Animals and the Natural World in which they live. Michael Pape’s stunning painting “Winds of Change - Polar Bear” is celebrating the month of November.


Testimonial: For This Polar Bear Painting - "Winds of Change".

"Your Bear is Superb"! - Robert Bateman, world renowned wildlife artist and conservationist.


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Testimonial: For this 2024 Bateman Foundation, Gallery of Nature, Calendar.

"Hey Michael, I purchased the calendar and your Polar Bear is stunning and the best in the calendar! Don’t tell Bob that! Lol" - Regards Karen