5% of all sales of "Silence Speaks - Snow Leopard" go to the Snow Leopard Trust.


Michael Pape & Endangered Species Fund of Canada with an Eurasian Lynx & Amur (Siberian) Tiger at Green Living Show Toronto & Royal Bank of Canada for Earth Day.

Below The Endangered Species Fund of Canada and The Art of Michael Pape work together with a Sealed Bid Auction Fundraising Program to raise donations to help animals. If you are interested in being involved in this program please contact us.

Below are photographs from our animal awareness shows. We have educated thousands, though The Endangered Species Fund of Canada & The Art of Michael Pape.Your support makes the difference.

Nadine - Amur (Siberian) Tiger

I am thrilled to announce your generous donations have topped $60,000.00 to benefit the registered charity Endangered Species Fund of Canada (ESFC), through exclusive Michael Pape limited edition fine art reproductions and ESFC Sealed Bid Auction Fundraising Program. 100% of your donation goes to help animals, as well support ESFC environmental and wildlife conservation initiatives.

We want to also thank Denise Hayward for all her help and generosity to help us, help animals.

Our charity partners.

Royal Bank of Canada most

successful Earth Day testimonial!


"It is the innate intelligence, emotion and sensitivity in all animals that moves me as a wildlife artist. I have personally met all animals in my wildlife paintings. I love to feel their essence first hand, in the case above, Arctic Wolves. My mission is to re-create each animals’ unique individual value, essence and emotion within each wildlife painting, or wildlife drawing, to collaborate with YOU and for generations to revere." - Michael Pape

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Enrich Your Life with the Beauty & Significance of Animals.

Each time you purchase an exclusive Michael Pape original wildlife painting or limited edition fine art reproduction, you are collaborating in a greater mission to be a voice for wild animals that don't have a voice of their own. You also financially support our registered charity partners below and the valuable work they do to help animals.

My passion is to help you celebrate and honour your love of animals and the natural world, with focus on emotion as well as awareness through my paintings, thus inspiring knowing and influencing change. - Michael Pape


With Christa Klose President of Jungle Cat World and The Endangered Species Fund of Canada.


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I honour you whom serve alongside me to influence change and herald the beauty and significance of animals through my art. Without your support we wouldn't be able to reach the world - Michael Pape