"You have brought attention to the animals that have been neglected and taken for granted of for far too long.

We, all those who love your art work, all appreciate the blessing you paint day after day. As the land of or fathers disappears we should pay more attention but many don’t. You are one of the one’s God has blessed with the skill to take your painting and help the animals in the earth. Thank you for painting".

 Sincerely yours,

- Diane


Rebecca Beayni with "Silence Speaks - Snow Leopard" and Michael Pape. Love the arc of light over the Snow Leopard in the photo above.

When I first saw the painting, “Silence Speaks - Snow Leopard”, my heart cracked open and tears filled my eyes.

I was captivated by the gaze of this beautiful Snow Leopard as if connecting with the Cosmos surrounded by snowflakes that look like stars. Michael brilliantly captured the innocence, vulnerability, pain, suffering and deep courage of this magnificent creature. Her silence spoke volumes for all creatures and Mother Earth herself, who have suffered at the hands of those who don’t yet understand the ONENESS of ALL, and yet these creatures continue to trust and share their beauty.

I saw our 34 year old daughter, Rebecca, in the snow leopard’s eyes. She is an active communicator (despite the fact that she cannot speak and is totally dependent on others for all her needs). Her life’s work is aimed at inviting people to dream of a more compassionate society where everyone’s gifts are recognized and welcomed and this includes ALL children of Mother Earth. She and her sister and friends took this message to the United Nations in 2005 as they were drafting the Convention on Rights for People with Disabilities and challenged the Caucus to think in transformational ways. Rebecca’s eyes also speak of innocence, vulnerability, pain, suffering and deep courage. Within the beautiful white coat of the Snow Leopard I can see words written in the black markings. The most clear is the word, JOY. Rebecca has taught us the full meaning of joy. I am reminded of a saying by Teillard de Chardin, “Joy is the most infallible sign of the presence of God”.

In the Snow Leopard’s eyes, I saw myself, as I walk with many, humans and other creatures, who are like the Snow Leopard. At times it feels overwhelming and yet with the strength and beauty that these mighty creatures bestow upon us, captured so beautifully in Michael Pape’s paintings, I have hope and courage to share the message of Ubuntu, knowing that in ONENESS, LOVE is the answer.

Deepest gratitude, Michael, for BEING YOU and for the sharing of your extraordinary talent, vision and passion. Thank you for being a Radical Sacred Activist.

Ubuntu: I cannot be free to be fully me, unless you are free to be fully you; our lives are inextricably bound together. (African proverb)

- Susan Beayni


"Michael, your paintings are perfect, so real, and so well executed, it takes my breath away.

Each piece just gets better and better. You are truly talented."

- Gayle, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.

I have been very fortunate to work with Michael on four occasions through his participation in our Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolios.

The images selected; Beautiful Dreamer, Ghost of a Chance, Through the Storm and Out of the Mist have all been very well received by our supporters.

Revenues of these framed prints have topped $1 million with the proceeds benefiting the Ducks Unlimited Canada conservation programs, scientific research and public education initiatives.

During the printing and signing process, I got to know Michael and have enjoyed many conversations. Michael shared with me his knowledge of his subjects, as well as his genuine empathy to their individual causes. Michael is a true advocate for these animals and Ducks Unlimited Canada is only one of the many organizations which benefit from his support.

Ducks Unlimited Canada remains very appreciative of Michael Pape’s continued interest and generosity.

- Penny Burns,

National Art Portfolio Coordinator

Ducks Unlimited Canada

"Through the Storm" is a high point in our collection.

Without exception, all visitors to our home stop in their tracks, touched by this painting's evocative and uplifting spirit, as well as Michael's consummate skill and tireless devotion to this rendering of one of his favourite subjects.

- Philip & Karen Aline, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.


Swan with broken back at wildlife animal rescue centre where I used to volunteer. - Michael Pape


I can't remember what year it was that I first met Michael Pape, I think 2002.  

I had just signed on to do volunteer work with wild animals.  I had a full time job and was doing this on weekends. Michael was already there caring for animals.  I didn't know that he was the brilliant artist that he is...and he is so humble...he never would have said. He was in charge of the outdoor animals; cleaning their cages, giving them food and clean water.  It was several months before he told me he was an artist.  The first painting that he showed me was called "Immature Bald Eagle". The 2'nd one he showed me was called "Sara". I thought his artwork were photographs.

I remember Michael as a caring, loving man of animals. I have a picture still now in 2010 that he took when we were both taking care of a swan with a broken back.

Michael Pape not only loves animals, but cares about those of us not so fortunate. A brilliant artist, but more importantly, Michael Pape is a humanist.

- Deborah E. Baker,

Ontario, Canada

"Every day we admire and enjoy your paintings.....they are a wonderful addition to our home.

One of the most magnificent things in nature is the eye of the cat. Your "cats" follow us as we move through the room they occupy. You have given these creatures "life" and we love it! Michael....we are indeed honoured to know you and very privileged to own four of your original works.

We can't wait to see what's next."

- Nancy & Barry, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.

"I bought your Amur Leopard - A Perfect World print today.

It is now hanging in my office and I am going to get hours of enjoyment looking at it.  Your art is extraordinary and I am so glad to have met you.  I am happy to see that 5% of your sales of this picture go to help the leopards."

- Carol Deckert

"Michael, received the Eagle Study this morning."

JUST WONDERFUL!.... I can look at the drawing and clearly hear that eagle's song. What a truly lovely work. Thanks Michael for the opportunity to own such beautiful original piece. As I've said so many times- no one shows so clearly and so naturally the true raw emotion of raptors as you do. Your frame selection was perfect; truly befitting such a nice piece.

- Jack & Susan, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.

Dear Mr. Pape,

Carolyn opened her present this morning.  

Thank you so much for taking the time and the care to put this together for her. She said she really likes your art and thinks she might like to own an original, someday.  This gift hit the mark in every way!  The Wolf is her favorite subject matter and the painting itself is so fabulous. 

 I want to extend my deep personal thanks, again, for being so receptive and helpful in the whole process.  I hope to be able to have some of your artwork in my own home, soon enough.


- Meredith Milewicz,


"Michael, Siberian Mist is spectacular!"

When I first saw it (a month or two ago) it wasn't finished yet but, the sincerity of emotion and extraordinary detailing was evident. You have a way with feathers and fur Michael that gives a viewer of your art a real sense of the actual feel.

The sublime eye's, and the remnants of battle scarring is wonderful. Couple that with your ability to convey true raw emotion (relaxed ferocity), in a way that is not seen in any other works....and you have a standout work of art."

- Jack & Susan,

New York, USA

Hi Michael,

The "Wolf Head Study" I ordered arrived perfectly and my husband (and I) love it. This was an anniversary gift.  We are decorating his home office around your print!!

Thank you!

- Jennifer Dupont,

Georgia, U.S.A.


- Jessie James,

Host of Discovery Channels Monster Garage and owner of West Coast Choppers

California, U.S.A

"Hi Michael, a couple of years ago I saw your painting called Solitary Watch on a website and loved it!"

In October I took my youngest son Shawn to the McMichael Art Collection in Kleinberg to view an exhibit there of 50 to 60 original works by Robert Bateman. Prior to that day my son din’t know who Robert Bateman was, but he thoroughly enjoyed it. Later we had conversations about other artists and I had to show him your painting Solitary Watch. We discussed the various differences in art reproduction, between lithographs and Giclee and canvas and paper copies etc.

You can imagine my surprise when I un-wrapped a fabulous giclee on canvas on Christmas morning. An artist proof that you were so gracious to sell and personalize for me. I absolutely love it, and as a gift from my two sons (his brother pitched in) it makes this piece extra special.

Thanks again and all the best for a prosperous new year!

- Brian Smith

"My husband just loved the Immature Bald Eagle painting as his surprise birthday gift".

He was quite emotional about it."

- Linda Gibson


Eddy and a snippet of his collection.

Dear Michael,

Dianne and I would like to thank you so much for all of hard work creating the beautiful original butterfly painting. 

It hangs above her TV in the living room.  Truly beautiful indeed. As you know it was our anniversary that week end and you came through for me. Thank you!

I would also like to tell you how many compliments I get on my pieces in my living room and bedroom.  I have several friends who at first look, stand and stare at the polar bear.  "WOW" is the usual response.

Lastly I would like to say that many of my friends have visited your website hoping to find something that fits a spot in their homes. You are truly a wonderful artist indeed.

Thank you so much!!

- Edward, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.



"Monarch and Milkweed", Original Painting, Acrylic on Canvas.

Hi Michael, I've just received "Ghost of a Chance - Snow Leopard".

The print arrived safe, and is really impressive. Thanks for your wonderful art!

- Sergey Karpov,

Karachaevo-Cherkessia, Russia

"Hello Michael, after seeing you this weekend and chatting for a little, I am proud to say I now own 3 of your works".

There's always different ways to try and explain art work but everyone's opinion or understanding of what you are trying to achieve is different.  

As I waited my turn to speak with you at your booth I observed people entering and exiting your tent.  It seems that most are taken back a little from their busy trek through the art show when they see your work.  They pause for a little and turn to their spouse for approval because they are taking so long checking out all of the pieces you have on display.  This must make you proud to see.

One of the things that I appreciate and enjoy speaking with you about is the connection you have with all of the animals that you paint.  As an animal lover myself I can appreciate your passion for such animals.  Most of us don't have the option of working with bears, tigers, wolves or eagles so its very enjoyable to hear stories of such creatures being rescued and cared for.

You had asked me if I had hung my print of the polar bear I had purchased from you as we were speaking with each other the day after I had acquired it.  I was excited to place it in just the right spot and have been looking at it over and over each time I come in the room.  I keep asking myself what makes your art special to me and why I chose the pieces I did.  The bald eagle, the polar bear and the snow leapard are the 3 I have.  

After really thinking about what is special about them I keep coming back to the same thing.  Each time I look at them I realize that when I do I spend a couple of minutes checking them out AGAIN even if I'm in a hurry and rushing through the room.  They tend to draw me in and make me wonder what else might have been going on around the animal at that moment.  What else is going on that we can't see?  They are so realistic that you can't help but stare and wonder what exactly was this animal thinking of at that moment.  The intensity of the stare of the bald eagle just sends shivers down your spine.  I can definitely say it's my favourite but the polar bear is really growing on me.

Your art has the ability to make us take an extra minute in a busy day and really focus on how lifelike your work is.  I am proud to own three of your pieces and I look at them every day.  I can hardly wait to see some of the new pieces that you come out with in the years to come.

Great to see you again and keep up the great work!!


- Jeff Reimer

"Beautiful Dreamer" was my first encounter with the artist Michael Pape.

It was so visually stunning and life-like that I just had to have it.  I have since purchased "Arctic Ghost" and "Maikan".  Wolves are a passion of mine and Michael has an amazing talent of creating the most realistic images.  He is truly gifted.  These works of art will be treasured for years to come...

- Allyson

In May of this year (2013) we celebrated our 20th anniversary by taking a trip and staying at Jungle Cat World in Orono, On. This was when we were first introduced to the art of Michael Pape.

There was a number of pieces of art in the bed and breakfast at the zoo but the one that stood out the most was Michael’s Siberian Mist - Amur Tiger. We instantly decided we had to have it and purchased it with no hesitation whatsoever. Subsequently we checked out his web site and decided that our next purchase would be A Perfect World – Amur Leopard and picked it up from Michael on our next visit to Jungle Cat World in August. Well, that was not to be the end of it as there was a silent auction at the zoo that of course we bid on and then subsequently won, so we picked up Silence Speaks – Snow Leopard in September. One would think that three prints in 4 months would satisfy our appetite for a while, well that was not the case so in October while on a business trip to Mississauga we arranged to meet with Michael to take delivery on two more prints, Wotan and Cheyenne – Grey Wolves and Beautiful Dreamer – Arctic Wolf. So that is it, 4 prints in 5 months and oh yes, we have a copy of On Thin Ice – Polar Bear (the large one) on order and hope to pick it early in the new year.

We have been collectors of wildlife prints for some twenty years now and have a collection of various artist’s works in our home but never have we gone off and purchased so many in such a short time as we have with Michael Pape’s art. He has managed to capture the essence of his subject with a brush, a true gift that few artists are blessed with. Not sure what is next to be added to our collection but have no doubt, we will be tackling that difficult decision soon.

In all our dealings with Michael he has proven to be a professional and courteous person who has gone out of his way to make dealing with him a pleasure.

- Norm and Diane Fairhead


Good morning Michael, Norm and I wish you all the very best in 2014.

We are already planning on where our new prints will go in our home in 2014, because there will be more, that is a given.

The very best of health to you, the Art world needs you! We, your dedicated fans need you! And above all, the wonderful animals that you so bring to life on your canvas needs your representation of how truly amazing they are, to the masses!

You have brought joy and smiles to our faces, every time we look at the many prints on our walls from you Michael, we are reminded of our wonderful adventures at Jungle Cat World. sharing time with these awesome animals, and of course the pleasure of meeting you, and being able to shake your hand, and see for ourselves the truly incredible person that you are.

Please feel free to share this e-mail, we certainly hope that our new found relationship with you will be a very long one!


- Norm and Diane Fairhead


Good Afternoon! Michael I just wanted to "Thank-you" for conspiring with Lee to make my Birthday gift such a wonderful surprise.

When we walked into your stall at Vineland I saw my smaller framed print of "Siberian Mist" and was thrilled and excited to see it.

When Lee told me this was not my picture but the larger print was mine,  I was ecstatic with sheer joy.  It took me a few minutes to believe that I was really taking this home with me.  Getting the picture to fit in the car for the ride home was another story but we made it :-)

It now hangs lovingly in our Living room and is the centerpiece of our home.

I sit and feel such love and tenderness for our Siberian Tiger.  He looks so real that I feel that I could reach out and touch him.  Your passion for your art and the animals that you care about and paint is apparent every time we talk to you.  What a wonderful gift you have and I want to thank-you from the bottom of my heart for sharing your gift with us.

You make the world a better place.

- Pat & Lee

There is no other artist whose work I look at, and not only see it as real life, but feel it as well.

Your creations touch the very soul of the amazing animals you paint. When I look into the eyes of the Artic Wolf in your painting "Beautiful Dreamer", I can feel him looking back and assessing me.

Looking at the beautiful Snow Leopard in "Solitary Watch", lets me feel that I'm provided, being able to view this magnificent creature in thought.

Your works of art are much more than just a beautiful painting.

They are an experience. Keep up the amazing work.

- Stephen

I find your paintings absolutely exquisitely, uncomparibly (to ANY other artist!).

Not only are your proportions, angles, shading, & use of colour appropriately chosen & used, in both your subjects & backgrounds, but the expression of your subjects shows a sincere knowledge of each animal. You capture the essence of fur & feather, both power & grace, strength & tenderness. Your subjects simply look as though they're ready to fly or walk off the canvas! 

- Diana Robinson

We first met Michael at the Cottage Life Show. When we first walked in, his artwork was on display for a Silent Auction Fundraiser, for the Endangered Species Fund of Canada.

Every one of them took our breath away and we knew we had to find the guy who was responsible for this beautiful artwork. We finally tracked Michael down and we purchased quite a few Artist Proofs for our retail store.

As we have gotten to know Michael on a personal level, we have developed a very meaningful relationship. We have gone on a couple excursions to Jungle Cat World with Michael to meet his furry family members! We are proud owners of the original pencil drawing “Maikan”, which we admire every single day and we have a few of his other pieces as well.

We hope that as we introduce people to Michael’s work, they will come to love and appreciate it as much as we do and become a collector.

Michael - you have a gift. All of the detail and passion you put into each piece is truly incredible and yet you are so humble. You truly are an amazing artist and we are so glad we came across your paintings and now are able to call you our awesome friend!


- Jason & Amber, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.

"When I first saw "Silence Speaks - Snow Leopard" I was at a loss for words and tears started to fill my eyes." 

I had this mindset that day that I was going to find and purchase an original painting. So after I had seen the majority of the arts festival, I was bummed out that I couldn't find one that spoke to me and made me want to buy it. Then I finally came across Michael Pape's artwork and I was entranced by his thoughtfulness and respect for the animals. My eyes finally reached the "Silence Speaks - Snow Leopard" painting and I was instantly captivated. It brings forth so many emotions and is so heart-wrenchingly beautiful that I had to turn away before I started full-out crying at the arts festival. I have never been so emotionally moved as much as I have with this painting. It's full of wonder, hope, longing and mystique that it creates it's own special place in your heart.

Silence does speak, through our emotions, and Michael Pape has brilliantly and beautifully captured that in this painting."

- Charlene Howcroft

"Michael Pape named his painting "The Secret Path - American Robin" because he believes, as I do, there is a secret path in nature that all animals know. This precious, incredibly delicate original painting hangs in my country kitchen where family and friends gather. The background of the painting exactly matches the natural stone wall on which it hangs. Thank you Michael. Your little Robin found its secret path right into my heart."

- Carolyn, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.



"The Secret Path - American Robin", Original Painting, Acrylic on Masonite.

"I am very proud to own the original painting On Thin Ice - Polar Bear. It is an amazing work".

- Todd, owner and collector of Michael Pape original works.

Owner of Up Country - high end furniture interiors, located in Toronto and GTA.

The work of Michael Pape. Need I say more. As a wildlife photographer, I can say I have never experienced the overwhelming feeling with other artists, that I get when viewing Michael's work. It breaths, and is given life, where the tip of the brush meets the chosen medium. We are truely blessed to have an artist that brings such life and appreciation of wildlife to the forefront.

- Sheila Steele

Michael Pape’s masterful pieces adorn my home and bring a sense of peace and enlightenment to my space. I own 7 pieces and each has their own special place in my heart. My very favourite is the Canadian Lynx. Michael’s talent offers a unique lens into the spirit and courage of this beautiful cat. Michael’s ability to capture the spirit of wildlife offers his customers the opportunity to appreciate the beauty and strength of his subjects. His respect, empathy and compassion for animals is obvious when you speak with Michael personally.

Thank you,

Louise Mazzotta

At this season over the Easter time you came to mind and I thought about your work and your dedication to preserving creation and so here is a prayer I prayed for you.

Creator of All Things

And Father of all creation

I thank you for Michael

Gifted by you to care and create

For the vulnerable creatures of this earth

A lasting memorial

A beautiful pictorial encompassing of the

Wonder of Your handiwork

Captured and contained on canvas

May You by Your Spirit continue to guide and guard

Michaels hand and heart….

Infuse his eye with Your enlightenment

May each line and colour and tone and hue

Honour you

Giver of All Good Gifts

You have given to Michael

everything he needs to continue

the work to which you have called him…

thank you for continuing to Strengthen

Encourage and Bless Michael….as You

Ever make him more and more aware of

The wonder of Your creativity and

The unique Gifting that You have placed within


May he in his times of solitude

Find solace in the genesis of new

Ideas and inspired by Your

Power produce works that

Are Divinely directed

And dedicated to the

Continued preservation of

Your great Creation



Thanks for doing what you do Michael


Lamb Baker


Hi Michael, Hope you and yours had a very lovely Christmas!!

I wanted to let you know that my "Keeper of Secrets - Canadian Lynx" is positively stunning...I’m so very happy with her (him?) ☺️

Also, my friend was completely wowed by "Strength & Wisdom - Grey Wolves". So was I... I was actually tempted to keep them!!

With many thanks.



Hello Michael, Just wanted to let you know that the prints arrived today. They look amazing in person!

Your artwork literally brought tears to my mothers eyes. I couldn’t have asked for a better gift for them, truly. I have a feeling that your art will be something my family loves and cherishes for years to come.


Alberta, Canada

I love your work, your sensitivity and your caring for the animal world and those beings who represent us so honestly and with such love.

I have been meaning to contact you for a long time, really just to tell you this. 

I save your emails and I just want to say that each painting is such a clear window into the sensitive state of mind of each of the beings. 


Quebec, Canada

I am interested in all things in nature. Everything on land and in the sea. Your work helps make people aware of wildlife that they might not have known before and the more they become aware is a plus in the right direction.

Eileen Spiritoso

Ontario, Canada

Royal Bank of Canada most successful Earth Day testimonial!

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