The Art of Michael Pape - Erich your life with the beauty and significance of animals.

Enrich Your Life with the Beauty & Significance of Animals.

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The Art of Michael Pape Artist Masterclass is your chance to unleash your creativity and turn your passion, from strategy to action, into becoming a successful, profitable Artist, impacting the World. Join us at Delta Hotels Toronto Airport & Conference Centre for a hands - on workshop where you'll learn the secrets of successful artistry from the renowned artist Michael Pape himself. Don't miss out on this unique exclusive experience to take your Art to the next level!
If you are reading this perhaps you have met or worked with Michael at some level as an Artist? IF NOT, join us for a once in a lifetime opportunity.
Whatever level you are at currently at as an Artist, this Masterclass is for you! I'm sure you would agree that the value and results that Michael leads with continues to inspire.
We are so happy and grateful for Artists that have learned to value themselves, their unique missions as Artists and take their Art to the next level of awareness through the skills and knowledge of Michael Pape.
What better way to celebrate this knowledge than with the public release of The Art of Michael Pape Artist Masterclass. All you have to believe in to make radical change as an Artist is believe in and invest in yourself!
"Michael is a very talented artist. Not only is his technique skilled and highly developed, his ideas are carefully thought through. To my mind, the idea or the thought is the most important aspect of a work of art.  Michael's work is very special in this department."
- Robert Bateman, world renowned wildlife artist and conservationist.











- Michael Pape


Saturday October 26th, 2024
9am - 6pm
Masterclass Location:
Just five minutes from Pearson Airport, Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto Airport & Conference Centre
655 Dixon Rd, Toronto, ON M9W 1J3
Masterclass Location Inside Hotel: Halton Room


The Art of Michael Pape Artist Masterclass,
$499.00 CAD


"I was very honored and delighted to have Michael Pape in my workshop. His work is outstanding and Moving. He was very kind in sharing his marketing skills with myself and the other students. I wish him only continued success."
- Terry Isaac, world renowned wildlife artist and conservationist.
* This event will be recorded
Every Artist is an Entrepreneur and Every Entrepreneur is an Artist.
The Art of Michael Pape

Take your Art to the next level.

Open to Artists of any medium.

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