I have been very fortunate to work with Michael on four occasions through his participation in our Ducks Unlimited Canada National Art Portfolios.

The images selected; Beautiful Dreamer, Ghost of a Chance, Through the Storm and Out of the Mist have all been very well received by our supporters.

Revenues of these framed prints have topped $1 million with the proceeds benefiting the Ducks Unlimited Canada conservation programs, scientific research and public education initiatives.

During the printing and signing process, I got to know Michael and have enjoyed many conversations. Michael shared with me his knowledge of his subjects, as well as his genuine empathy to their individual causes. Michael is a true advocate for these animals and Ducks Unlimited Canada is only one of the many organizations which benefit from his support.

Ducks Unlimited Canada remains very appreciative of Michael Pape’s continued interest and generosity.

Penny Burns

National Art Portfolio Coordinator

Ducks Unlimited Canada

Ghost of a Chance -
Out of the Mist -
Beautiful Dreamer - Arctic Wolf
Through the Storm - Bald