Enjoy Canadian wildlife artist Michael Pape's luxury framed exclusive signed and numbered Giclée limited edition on watercolour paper with Premium Luxury Glass of this stunning wildlife painting titled "A Perfect World - Amur Leopard".

About this wildlife art painting: My passion is to inspire you, through this exclusive fine art painting titled "A Perfect World - Amur Leopard". Of all the leopards, the Amur Leopard is the most critically endangered and are teetering on the brink of extinction, poached largely for its beautiful spotted fur. The idea and venerable pose within this painting is to signify in A Perfect World indeed there is hope and that it is up to all of us through awareness to secure the Amur Leopards future. - Michael Pape

The Amur Leopard, the most northerly of all Leopard subspecies, this magnificent animal is among the most critically endangered mammals in the world. A recent population and distribution survey estimated that as few as 30 Amur Leopards survive in their natural habitat in the Russian far east, the Korean peninsula and the mountains of northeastern China, living exactly where the Siberian Tiger does. Illegal poaching to supply a ludicrous market for traditional Chinese medicines has been spurred by Russia's economic collapse, gross poverty, and lack of responsible law enforcement. These cats will go extinct without new awareness, law enforcement and changes to the problems of poaching and habitat loss.

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A Perfect World - Amur Leopard

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Comes Framed with Premium Glass, with Charcoal Upper Mat & Black Lower Mat.

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