Enjoy Canadian wildlife artist Michael Pape's exclusive signed and numbered Giclée limited edition on watercolour paper of this stunning Snow Leopard, "Solitary Watch”.


Solitary Watch -Snow Leopard

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The Endangered Species Fund of Canada (ESFC) All rights reserved 2021

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Image size: 11.5" x 17" (inches)


Edition Size: 1000 Signed & Numbered

100 Artist Proofs

100 Conservation Proofs

100 Publisher Proofs


Comes with Premium Non Glare Glass, with Beige Upper Mat & Black Lower Mat

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Your Urgent Support is Needed!! As you are in your home because of current global events, a reminder of how precious life is, this is an urgent call for your support!! Many of you have supported the everyday professional care of the animals at Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park, all of which are species at risk of disappearing from the wild, through the Endangered Species Fund of Canada, Sealed Bid Auction Fundraising Program and exclusive Michael Pape Wildlife Fine Art.

With the cancellation of the 2021 Toronto National Home Show, Green Living Show as well as the continued temporary closure of Jungle Cat World Wildlife Park because of COVID-19 challenges, your support is urgently needed, ensuring that nearly 100 animals, most at risk of disappearing from the wild and many with unique dietary and health care requirements, receive exceptional dedicated round-the-clock care. Food and veterinarian attention due to unforeseen complications, cost thousands of dollars.

Over the next month, Bid on one of six Michael Pape framed exclusive limited edition fine art reproductions that were to be at the canceled National Home Show and Green Living Show fundraisers and collaborate in a greater mission to be a voice for animals that don't have a voice of their own. 100 percent of the proceeds go to the registered charity "The Endangered Species Fund of Canada" to directly help animals. Highest bidder(s) will receive a tax receipt for their donation.

I ask you to support the Endangered Species Fund of Canada online fundraising initiative and I thank you for being part of it. - Michael Pape

Bidding Closes: This Sunday June 13, 2021 @ 12am. BID NOW!