Michael Pape and a Grey Wolf named "Cheyenne".


With an Amur (Siberian) Tiger Cub


I have been honored to exhibit internationally in a number of highly prestigious Fine Art Museums and Shows that include:

The James Museum of Western & Wildlife Art, St. Petersburg, Florida, USA

The Sternberg Museum of Natural History, Fort Hays State University, Hays, Kansas, USA

Trailside Galleries, Jackson, Wyoming, USA

Houston Museum of Natural Science - Houston, Texas, USA

Hiram Blauvelt Art Museum - New Jersey, USA

South Eastern Wildlife Exposition - Charleston, South Carolina, USA

Waterfowl Festival - Easton, Maryland, USA

Machida Municipal International Fine Arts Museum - Tokyo, Japan

Tama City Combined Cultural Center - Tokyo, Japan

Buckhorn Fine Art Festival - Buckhorn, Ontario, Canada,

International Art Exposition - Toronto, Ontario, Canada


I am extremely honoured to have been presented by the Japan Wildlife Centre at the Machida Municipal International Fine Arts Museum and Tama City Combined Cultural Center in Tokyo, Japan. The focus of both exhibits was to bring international attention to the Japan Wildlife Centre, their goals and ideals in regard to animal awareness and protection. This is something that is very dear and near to me.


I am also a Signature member of the prestigious Society of Animal Artists (SAA) and Artists for Conservation, whose goal is to promote education of the public through art exhibitions, informative seminars, lectures and teaching demonstrations of excellence in the artistic portrayal of the creatures sharing our planet.


I inspire to make the experience of my paintings a meaningful, everlasting gift to help you celebrate and honour your love of animals and the natural world. Thanks so much for taking the time to visit. - Michael Pape


"It is the innate intelligence, emotion & sensitivity in all animals that moves me. I have personally met all the animals in my paintings. This is the only way I can do a painting. I love to feel their essence first hand, In the case above, Arctic Wolves." - Michael Pape

I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada and am self-taught. I have been always fascinated by realistic painting styles. I aim to portray dramatic realism in my paintings that takes the viewer to a place where they would like to go, but normally cannot. In trying to capture this realism, each painting’s execution can take months, or even more than a year, to finish in either acrylic or a combination of mediums. As a result, the demand for my original artwork far exceeds my ability to create.

Canadian Wildlife Artist Michael Pape working on a new painting of two wolves "live" inside their enclosure. It is such a previlege to encounter such beauty and hope, first hand, that inspire my paintings.  - Michael Pape

Working inside an enclosure "live" on a new painting "Ghostly Encounter - Grey Wolves" of two wolves that are sisters. The white wolf in the painting is behind me. It is such a privilege to encounter such grace, beauty and hope, first hand, which inspires my paintings.

In the studio with 14 week old Grey Wolf Pup named “Thunder”. In the background is my painting "Strength & Wisdom - Grey Wolves" in its first stages of completion.

Welcome! I'm Michael Pape

I would like to share with you why I create my exclusive fine art wildlife paintings, what I stand for and how I can help YOU celebrate and honour your love of animals and the natural world.

I am a wildlife artist who believes that all living creatures, as well as the natural world in which they live, deserve to be treated with compassion, value and respect. 

I grew up in a home where animals played an important role. We always had a dog and my mother often cared for stray dogs, cats and birds. This instilled in me an understanding and respect for all animals.

I used to volunteer at a wildlife animal rescue centre every Saturday morning in Kleinberg, Ontario, for years. I witnessed first hand the challenges animals endure when they fall victim to uncaring and careless individuals. I could feel their pain, fear and vulnerability. I wanted to do more for them. As my paintings became known and acquired by international collectors, I focused full time on my painting.

The animal rescue centre where I volunteered went out of business from lack of funding. In the back of my mind were all the animals I came to know at the centre, their innocence and hardships.


Swan with broken back at wildlife animal rescue centre where I used to volunteer.


The problem in this world that I believe is worth solving in collaboration with serving you:

Throughout the many years now that I have been painting and from all my travels, I have worked first hand with many intelligent, stunningly beautiful animals including Tigers, Wolves, Snow Leopards, Lynx, to name a few.

My mission above and beyond the art itself is to collaborate with you, to have solution based authentic conversations, create hope, awareness and impact for all animals. To use my talent as a voice for all animals that don't have a voice of their own.

I believe I have an obligation and responsibility to the animals, the people and the planet that we share to influence change and herald the beauty and significance of animals through my art.


It is the innate intelligence, emotion and sensitivity in all animals that I inspire to recreate in my paintings. I have personally met all the animals in my paintings. I strive to collaborate with you, through my paintings, in a greater mission, to be a voice for animals and the natural environment in which they live.

I appreciate your support. Without your support we wouldn't be able to reach the world. - Michael Pape



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Canadian Wildlife Artist Michael Pape sketching two five month old Arctic Wolves.

I look forward to sharing with you my experiences along this journey. - Michael Pape